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Specialized ways our strategic we can help grow your business

For some of our clients, a better marketing plan is all they need. Although providing the on-going service of a fractional CMO to organizations is the heart of what we offer, we also provide one-time deliverables to help your business identify the right marketing strategy and figure out what’s needed for implementation.

Our Packages

Fractional CMO for Hire

Price: Starting at $8,000/month

For organizations with revenue between $3M-$25M/year, it typically doesn’t make sense to hire a full-time CMO. What makes paying a huge overhead of $150,000-$250,000 for the role of a marketing executive so frustrating is there is rarely need for a full-time person. Instead, high-growth businesses like yours need to protect that capital and use it for bringing in top tactical talent.

Most organizations we’ve seen with revenue below $15M per year have CMO’s saddled with low-value tasks like writing email copy and proofing ads. These tasks that are better suited for lower-paid team members. The CMO’s chief role is to translate the direction from the CEO and Board into yearly, quarterly and monthly marketing goals. Those goals should then be translated into campaigns that are measured both qualitatively and quantitatively, and drive qualified leads into the business.

CMOx bridges the gap between an over-qualified, over-compensated CMO and an under-experienced marketing implementer. By spending ten hours a week inside your organization, your CMOx will:

  • Translate the CEO & Board’s direction and vision into marketing campaigns and objectives
  • Define the key talent the business needs to reach its goals
  • Assist HR in finding, interviewing and managing qualified talent to implement marketing strategy
  • Report weekly to the CEO and Board on all KPIs mutually defined as important
  • Continually innovate ways to reach marketing and sales goals despite roadblocks

To learn more about this service and the services below, schedule your no-cost strategy session. At the end of the call, you’ll have clarity on what your unique business needs to do in order to reach your goals.

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Functional Marketing® Business Audit

Price: Starting at $2,500

All progress begins with measuring what is working and what isn’t. In this 90-minute audit, a Functional Marketing ® Strategist will dive deep into your marketing strategy and provide clear direction on what needs to be improved in order to help you reach your goals. The Audit begins with a questionnaire for you and your team to fill out, including questions about current and past marketing campaigns, KPIs, 2-year goals, this quarter’s goals, and more. The Functional Marketing ® Strategist will review your answers and formulate a list of questions that they will send at least two business days before the paid Audit begins. During the Audit, the Strategist will ask further clarifying questions and then present their thoughts and findings. Upon completion of the call, a full report will be sent detailing key action steps your company should make in order to improve marketing.

Schedule a time with our founder to see if the Functional Marketing® Business Audit is right for you.

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Functional Marketing® Email Audit

Price: Starting at $2,500

Are you lacking confidence that your business emails actually reach your prospects and customers? Email deliverability is a core concern for any intelligent business that depends on email for revenue. Beyond deliverability, understanding which emails get the highest open rate, highest click-through rate and ultimately the greatest EPC is the first step to scaling your campaigns successfully. Let us run a full audit on your email service provider (examples: Infusionsoft, Pardot, Get Response, MailChimp, Hubspot, among many, many more). The final delivery after the audit is a full report including which emails are the best performing, our hypothesis why they’re the winners, the status of your DKIM and SPF records, as well as other findings and suggestions to improve your overall email marketing campaign success.

Schedule a time with our founder to see if the Functional Marketing® Email Audit is right for you.

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Functional Marketing ® Systems Map

Price: Starting at $10,000

What campaigns should you be running? Who on your team should be running them? What is your competition doing? How can your company acquire 10x more customers at an acceptable rate?

These questions can’t be answered during a 90-minute phone call; they require thoughtful conversations with key people on your team and a deep understanding of your business. The Functional Marketing ® Systems Map is a comprehensive review of your business; your current and past marketing campaigns; your team and their capabilities; your competitors; under-utilized assets like PDFs, videos and webinars; and much more. During the month-long commitment, a Functional Marketing ® Consultant will become very familiar with your desires for business growth and your lifestyle in the business… some entrepreneurs want to make more money while others are happy with their income but simply want to work less. During the Systems Map process, your admin team will be taken through a 2-year planning session, mutually defining what the next 90-days need to look like to be on track to hit your goals. KPIs will be calculated. Your entire marketing flow, or map, will be detailed graphically. Then, the Consultant will spend time creating an improved map that provides for a better user experience.

The final deliverable for the Systems Map is a comprehensive documentation of:

  • A clear understanding of where your business is today, where it needs to be in 2 years, and what needs to happen in the next 90 days to get there
  • Your ideal customer (so you can stop attracting tire-kickers)
  • Calculating your Acceptable Cost per Lead, Cost per Sale and current Lifetime Value of the Customer
  • Your current prospect-to-customer flow, mapped graphically
  • An improved prospect-to-customer flow
  • List of email, sales, direct mail and ad campaigns needed to reach the 90-day and 2-year goals
  • Due diligence on your competition, along with what makes your offering unique

A Functional Marketing ® Systems Map will give you utter clarity on who at your organization needs to do what in order to reach maximum growth in minimum time.

Schedule a time with our founder to see if the Functional Marketing® Systems Map is right for you.

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